Mexico (Pt. 1)

 I hate to say this or even feel this, but after all of the emotional energy and rich experiences I’ve gained in South Africa, Mexico feels like an after thought. And because of this, I don’t have the energy to engage with this place in the same ways….Hell, if Dillon wasn’t here, I wouldn’t be talking to anybody yo. 

This travel thing isn’t what people think. People think that you always supposed to be high energy and thrilled and always doing something. But the truth is, this solo travel shit is hard…and the honest truth is not everyone should travel like this. It takes a certain something…idk what. But it’s no joke.

And even now, I fight thoughts of being unappreciative of this blessing and opportunity to even be here (in Mexico) because I can’t and don’t want to engage….but that simply isn’t true. Travel is mental and emotional work. And I’m out of steam. Doesn’t mean I’m not grateful, just means I`m muhfuckin tied….