Less Than A Month Away From Home

Less than a month away from home – and how am I feeling?
To be honest, my emotions have been all over the place over the last few weeks. Transitioning out of the wonders of South Africa has been tough. As I quickly realized that attachment and detachment can be one of the harshest realities of travel. You befriend people. You love people. Fall in love with places and cultures. You become immersed in their lives. Strangers become family. Then you’re jolted back to your reality – your everyday life – and that is not here. This is a home, but it isn’t your home. The number of tears shed from this realization cannot be counted….But God willing these goodbyes won’t be forever.

Less than a month away from home – and I’m reflective and exhausted. 

Real talk, I’ve been ready since month 6. It’s been a long road of many fascinating and unique experiences, friendships, self-realizations, and growth. It’s time to digest this journey within the stability and warmth of my own home, my own family, my old friends, and plot my next move. Shit, this fellowship money don’t last forever! 

Less than a month away from home – and I don’t have many words left to say.

I know I’ll be back out there again, roaming the world like the wanderer I am. But it’s time for me to go home.